Desta Cargo

Desta Cargo is one of the subsidiaries of Desta Market established based on our customers’ needs on Dec 2012. The company operates on shipping and handling to African countries by partnering primarily with Ethiopian Air Line.

Our office is located at : We are open:

 843 Danforth Avenue Toronto, Canada M4J 1L2 Tel: 647 – 710 – 5012

 9AM - 9PM,

Seven days a week.

We ship every Tuesday and Saturday morning

Anybody can ship as long as they have:

i. 2 pieces of identification including 1 photo id

ii. Please list all the materials in the package and their value

You can pack your things in a box or luggage or any packing material.

Shipment cost depends on the weight and/or size of the package, click here to see our rates .

The receiving person/agent needs the Airway Bill number and a piece of Id to receive the package, based on the destination country’s law Government Tax and/or Customs may apply.